Training and Supervision

WebStar Behavioral Health was founded by Dr. Daniel Trussell  in 2012 to provide resources for helping professionals and coaches to incorporate applied positive psychology and other evidence based therapies into their practices. In addition to conducting approved continuing education classes, workshops, seminars and webinars for licensed mental health professionals including professional counselors, clinical social workers and marriage and family therapists,  WebStar offers supervision to licensees and coaches. WebStar also convenes a monthly coaching club to support  deeper understanding of  positive psychology and better insight to the use of applied positive psychology in both professional  and personal arenas of life.

Our mission is to provide tools to help people reach victory over mental health problems like depression, anxiety, family and relationship issues, low self esteem and mood dysphoric lack of well-being  by empowering them with leading edge evidence based programs that can be self directed or supported by a professional helper or coach. Two Programs include How Families Flourish and Breaking Free: Using Positive Psychology to Conquer Depression

Our philosophy is that mental illnesses in the affective disorders spectrum, including depression  and anxiety, are curable and preventable, not just treatable through symptom management. We believe that people who have access to empowerment  tools  are fully capable of not only moving past a current episode of mental health problems but  can actually  prevent future mental health problems as well.   

Daniel can be contacted directly at drdanieltrussell@gmail.com.